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Article of the Spanish magazine for hospitality equipment “Proveedores Hosteltur”  November 2017

Elitxu, charcoal grills for cooking indoors and outdoors. 

Being closed, they prevent risks of sparks and drops of fat in flame, avoiding polluting fumes and their pertinent odors


ELITXU parrillas grill bbq

Elitxu, es una marca de parrillas al carbón con una línea enfocada a restaurantes de alta cocina dada la facilidad para elaborar platos a la brasa que proporcionan los modelos RRP 6000, RRP 8000 y RRP 9000.

La parrilla RRP 6000 es un modelo de sobremesa para aquellos establecimientos de espacio reducido. Por su diseño, puede instalarse tanto en interiores como en exteriores, y al estar cerrada no presenta riesgos de saltos de chispas, y una vez terminado el asado, con cerrar la puerta y el tiro de chimenea, el carbón se consume sin ningún riesgo.

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Grilled was the first method of cooking. Today food roasted on grill have a great acceptance by the golden and crunchy texture that gives to the surface of the products, by the smoothness and juiciness in their inside and the aroma of charcoal. These features make the grill a basic tool in the best kitchens and the roast on Grill one of the culinary techniques of more acceptance. ElitXU grill allows to work with higher temperatures than conventional grills, in order to get a faster and more healthy cooking, with lots of comfort and without the burden of heat or polluting fumes due to its design and the materials used for its construction. ElitXU offers you the most robust and flexible grill in the market with a very easy use, cleaning and maintenance.

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