Elitxu Grill BBQ


+ Healthy: Elitxu grill gets to roast a food with not falling droplets of fat in the flame, managing to avoid polluting fumes and their corresponding odors. Produced grease is collected in a container of stainless steel for easy cleaning, while a possible installation of smoke extraction costs are significantlyreduced.

+ Comfortable: Elitxu grill prevents direct contact with the heat, thanks to the frame built with a double-layer steel prepared for high temperatures and its glass door (tempered glass) lifting, handling very easy and practical to see the roasting process without having to endure any heat. Its grill pull-out to the exterior of the home and their different degrees of inclination make easy availability of food in a safe and effective way.

+ Quick: Elitxu grill has a turbofan which facilitates the ignition. Being closed and without being conditioned to foreign agents (air currents, cold..), the temperature reached it is approximately double than the one from a conventional grill, resulting in a proportional reduction of roasting time andavoiding the loss of food juices, improving the quality of them as well as their operating temperature.

+ Economic: Elitxu grill uses much more heat than other conventional Grill, which reduces half of the consumption and the cost in coal, as does much more fast processing as a result, being much more productive with less space.

+ Safe: Elitxu grill by its design, can be installed both indoors and outdoors. As it is closed, there are no risks of sparks breaks and once finished the process is finished, by closing the door and the chimney draught, the coal is consumed without any risk.

+ Clean: Elitxu grill being closed prevents that it discards any ashes or dirt to the outside. The grill, the fats and all their components, can be removed to facilitate to be cleaned with ease.

+ Applications: in Elitxu grill, due to its special characteristics, all kinds of roasts can be made: meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits… in addition to it, other dishes such as rice, juicy ones, fish stews, grilled moist… obtaining a really special and characteristic taste.